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Let's Take Time To...

Welcome to the blog and thank you for the taking the time to follow my journey. This post was written in my bedroom in Cincinnati, Ohio a few days before the start of my ride. I don't know all of the details of the journey that I am embarking on, but I am glad that you’re coming along for the ride.

My name is Peter Carr and I’m 30 year’s old. I am about to venture off on a nearly 5000 mile cross country bicycle ride that will span roughly 100 days. I’ve decided to call it Bike4GBM. My mission is to inspire hope, raise awareness and help fund research that will eventually find a cure for Glioblastoma Multiforme, with a goal to raise over $25,000.

“Let’s Take Time To…”, will be a reoccurring theme for my trip and I hope you’ll take the time to follow my adventure and take the time to do things important in your life. So often in life we take time for granted. We assume that it is an infinite resource but it truly is finite and a gift. So often we get too busy with our day-to-day lives to do the things that we used to love or spend time with the people we truly care about. In my mom’s final 15 months and throughout her life she always took time to do the things that she valued most.

My mom, known to most as Mrs. Carr, was a teacher for more than 30 years and she believed in the impossible. She believed in other's dreams and she was always a cheerleader and a supporter of those willing to work hard to make their dreams a reality. She saw potential in others and in her final days she took the time to spend it with those she cared about.

I hope to inspire others, to pursue similar adventures that will produce the ultimate fulfillment that life can offer and that you will join us by taking the time to live your life to the fullest.

I believe this journey will be challenging physically and mentally and I am looking forward to connecting with a larger community.

Please check back in for more updates about the start of my journey!

Positively, -Peter

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